Thursday, 4 October 2012

OID Performance Tuning

Oracle Internet Directory is highly scalable and manageable in terms of performance tuning as per the hardware resources and high availability configurations.
In this blog I will explain the parameters which can improve the performance of OID.

1. Database Parameters:
                                Recommended values
sga_target,sga_max_size            upto 60-70% of the available
                                   RAM for database machine
db_cache_size                    upto 60-70% of the available 
                                   RAM for database machine
shared_pool_size                  500M
session_cached_cursors            100
processes                        500
pga_aggregate_target              1-4GB
job_queue_processes               1 or more
max_commit_propagation_delay       99 or lower

2. LDAP Server Attributes:
                                  Recommended values
orclmaxcc                        10 - Number of DB Connections 
                                   per Server Processes
orclserverprocs                  4 - Number of OID LDAP Server 
                                   Processes which should be 
                                   equal to the number of cpu 
                                   cores on the system
orclgeneratechangelog             0 - Disables change log 
orclldapconntimeout               60 - LDAP Connection Timeout
orclmatchdenabled                 0 - Enable MatchDN Processing

3. OID Authenticator Parameters:
    If you have configured Oracle Internet Directory Authenticator in myrealm to retrieve users from OID, following parameters can be changed to optimize the performance:
                                   Recommended values
Group Membership Searching        limited
Connection Pool Size              120
Connect Timeout                  120
Cache Size                       51200
Cache TTL                        300

4. jps-config Parameters

    If the weblogic server is reassociated to an OID and the application policies are stored in it, following parameters should be added in policystore.ldap serviceInstance in jps-config.xml to make the retrieval of policies faster by caching them.

    <property name="" value="STATIC"/>
    <property name="" value="NONE"/>
    <property name="" value="100"/>
    <property name="" value="true"/>
    <property name="" value="NONE"/>
    <property name="" value="1000000"/>
    <property name="" value="true"/>
    <property name="" value="43200000"/>
    <property name="" value="6000000"/>
    <property name="" value="true"/>
    <property name="connection.pool.min.size" value="120"/>
    <property name="connection.pool.max.size" value="120"/>
    <property name="connection.pool.provider.type" value="IDM"/>
    <property name="connection.pool.timeout" value="300000"/>
    <property name="connection.pool.provider.type" value="5"/>

   OID and weblogic server restarts are required after modifying the above parameters. They can still be optimized depending on the availability of the hardware resources.
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Anonymous said...

Thanks!!! this is just wat i was looking for

Anonymous said...

as we need to set 60% of RAM, but what will be the RAM size...are we taking the Box RAM size which is in my case 5GB..if yes then after setting the 60% of 5GB of sga_target and sga_max_size = 60% * 5120M = 3072M I am not able to restart the DB. getting the error as:

SQL> startup;
ORA-00844: Parameter not taking MEMORY_TARGET into account
ORA-00851: SGA_MAX_SIZE 3221225472 cannot be set to more than MEMORY_TARGET 1275068416.

Ganesh Kamble said...


You can find the solution at :